Find Your Zen: 10 Useful Ways Meditation Has Transformed My Life

Ugh, not another post about meditation… Hear me out, though.


You don’t have to wake up at 5 a.m…

And write in your journal…

And take a cold shower…

And work out…

And drink tea with lemon and cayenne pepper (some people do this I guess)…

And meditate…

…all at the same time.

There is something to be said about developing good habits, though. Any success I’ve had in life came from developing good habits.

I do wake up at 5 a.m. every day because it gives me an extra 2–3 hours to work interrupted.

I’ve more or less written every day for the past 3–4 years and the habit turned my hobby into a career.

In terms of my overall wellbeing, however, nothing tops my meditation habit.

The hype over meditation is true. Trust me. Try it. It works. As follows are some of the many benefits of meditation. I sincerely hope one of them inspires you to start your own practice.

Meditation Lowers Your Stress

Yes I know, this is me being captain obvious, but seriously, it can really bring your stress level down several notches.

In Vipassana meditation, the goal is to focus on the areas of your body that experience emotion. Emotions are actually physiological responses — think feeling embarrassment your gut and solar plexus.

Your meditation practice can help you notice your physical responses throughout the day — clenched jaw, knot formation in your neck, slouched stature. And your mindfulness can help you decompress when you notice your stressors.

Meditation is the closest thing that I’ve found to an actual “chill pill”.

Meditation Makes You Nicer

I wake up everyday pissed off and grumpy. I drink my coffee, meditate, then I’m ready to talk to people.

Meditation makes you mindful of your own emotions. You realize how irritable you can be so you start to recognize why other people are that way and you don’t take it as personally.

Putting yourself in a position to feel more at peace throughout the day will, in turn, cause you to be more pleasant to others.

Meditation Changes Your Perspective

I’ve had times where I was in conflict with another person and decided to take the time to meditate on the issue. At the beginning of the session I’d feel I was completely right and that they were absolutely wrong, but towards the end, I’d begin to realize there are two sides to every issue and I’d become more empathetic to their point of view.

Meditation allows you to step outside of yourself in a certain sense and be able to see things from a different viewpoint. Your ego-driven mind is quick to jump to conclusions, make false assumptions, and ascribe imaginary intent to other people’s actions. Just pausing for a few minutes can deter that type of thinking.

Meditation Helps You Focus

As a writer, I try to do deep work, meaning work done in an uninterrupted and focused state.

The problem? In daily life, my mind wants to do the exact opposite. Your ‘monkey mind’ loves to worry and find the nearest distraction. When you meditate you step back and see how bats*** crazy your mind actually is. The deeper you get into the practice, the quieter your monkey mind gets and it throws less emotional feces at you.

Then you can focus on whatever it is you need to do to improve your life, career, business, or anything else requiring deliberate attention.